TuxBox UI

User Interface for the TuxBox Game Console

[archive]tbui-26apr2001-0517.tar.gz  105.6kBadded support to test various colors for the spheres. the keys "rgb" will change the normal red, green and blue color. the keys "123" will change the selected red, green and blue color. the glow has been temporarily disabled to test the colors. test out different colors and let me know which ones you like the most.
[archive]tbui-26apr2001-0347.tar.gz  105.4kBfixed segfault bug when icon image is not found. reads program path from config file for each icon. launches selected sphere when spacebar is pressed. exits after launching sphere, each app/game must restart the menu when they exit or hide. supports RGB and RGBA TGA textures, the alpha channel in RGBA is used for transparency in icons. added GPL license.
[archive]tbui-25apr2001-2247.tar.gz  105.7kBbackground continuously flows into the distance. the 'glow' on spheres has been scaled to give them 'tails'. reads icons from the ".tbui_rc" config file and overlays them on the spheres. does not yet make black areas transparent in icons. the icons used are only temporary, need someone to design real ones.
[archive]tbui-25apr2001-0523.tar.gz  64.7kBstationary background texture and textured spheres that 'wiggle'. the 'q' key will exit program and the arrow keys change the selected sphere.