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BRiX - operating system

AU - 3D voxel game

BFE - graphical front-end for the Bochs debugger

cria - console-based IRC client

XLB - application launch bar (dock) for X11

gtk-ps - graphical process monitor

Maemo 4 - my Maemo 4 projects and links

Advanced SystemUI - SystemUI replacement for Nokia N8x0 tablets

Utils - miscellaneous utilities for use in browsers

JS/PHP - javascript and php framework

Lightbox - lightbox JS modifications used to show all screenshots on this site

OpenSpace - real-time space strategy game

phpZAP - content management system

JAWF - web-based file manager and editor

Access Report Generator - web page access logger and report generator for systems that lack web server logging

phpNotify - page change notification system

STK - simple user interface toolkit for OpenGL

Library - database of links to programming related websites

Gaming Projects:

DOTA2 - tools and links for DOTA2

EVE - maps, tools and links for EVE-Online

POS Manager - Morsus Mihi POS Manager for EVE-Online

Minecraft - mods, tools and links for Minecraft

Minetest - mods, tools and screenshots for Minetest

Vendetta - tools for Vendetta Online

Stargate-TFC - map for Team Fortress Classic

Other Projects: (not mine)

nano - console-based text editor. I added some syntax highlighting related features, fixed a memory leak and am trying to increase the highlighting speed. My changes can be found here.

fprem - PC Emulator. I wrote the code that parses configuration files.

TuxBox UI - was going to be a user interface for the now defunct tuxbox game console

Hosted Projects:

PC-GPE - HTML version of Mark Feldman's PC Game Programmer's Encyclopedia

ODDBot Source Code - bot for Team Fortress Classic